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Wharton Levin Ehmantraut & Klein, Attorneys at Law

WLEK needed to update the look and feel of their web site to better reflect their law firm. I achievied this with a redesign that emphasized and updated their site utilizing elements of design, coding and flash work. Through meetings and correspondence achieved a consistent look and feel throughout the site that emphazied their practice areas and

Anne Kustner Lighting Design

A stand out design equal or superior to their competition was our goal. Properly displaying the large scope of the work which AKLD does in a beautifully designed way was our biggest challenge. Working together we exceeded expectations achieving a design and look and feel of the html pages while maintaining a consistent look for their company image. Production of the AKLD site including design, and coding. The end result was a ecstatic client and another show piece for my portfolio.

Jaeger, Nickola & Associates, Ltd

The architectural projects JNA handles have many facets and their website needed to reflect that message with an esthetically pleasing, easy to navigate website that would reflect expanse of their company identity. Their home page needed to make a big impression since so much of their work leaves such a visual large imprint. JNA also needed the website coding be done in a manner which would allow their staff to edit and add pages. This was achieved by adding HTML and Dreamweaver training to the scope of this job. The result was exactly what the Client wanted as well as a rewarding experience for both the Client and myself.

Dr. Paul Haser, one of the top 30 vascular surgeons in the U.S., needed a designer who could convert his ideas into web site pages that maintained a fresh, consistent look throughout the website. Production of the HaserLaser site is ongoing but includes concept design, flash, html, and creation of images.

Peña Design

Carlos Peña, of Peña Design, was looking for a designer who could transfer his designs into a consistent look and feel through the creation of a more interactive site. This was achieved through transferring Peña's designs into flash pages and designing transitional navigation for the site layout.

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