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Mama's Apron Strings

The scope of the job was to handle all print work with an emphasis on emulating the look of their new web site, but adding a more playful feel. Production included letterhead, envelopes, business card, recipe cards, item tags, clothing labels, receipts and price lists.


The scope of work for TriClique includes illustrating designs for jewelry for sales and production, with an emphasis on stand out design superior to their competition.

Tray Inc.

As a freelance designer, I have had a long standing relationship with Tray Inc. to handle additional projects so that production can happen in a timely manner.

Peña Design

As a freelance designer, Carlos relies on me to transfer his designs into a consistent look and feel thouthout each assigned product.

Severna Park
Community Center

SPCC commissioned me to design a logo for the new Severna Park Community Center. Production also included letterhead, envelopes, business card, and seasonal color options for their logo.


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